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Jim Morris was an educated young man who had always wanted to be a soldier. War Story PDF EBook In 1963, he found the perfect war...

"The war was like a great puzzle, great to think about, great to plan, great to do. It was so incredibly peaceful out there in the jungle."

As an advisor to a Montagnard strike force, Morris and his guerrillas outfought and outmaneuvered the Viet Cong in his sector. But while he loved the ambushes, the firefights and the Montagnards, he could see a tragedy unfolding in Vietnam.

"As I jumped I heard a crack and felt a thud in my right shoulder. I squeezed the trigger on my M- PDF16. The bold went ka-schulgg and that was that, baby. Jammed again."

In the most widely admired Special Forces memoir to come out of the Vietnam War, Jim Morris tells his tory: of the ealy days and the Tet Offensive in '68, of the slaughters and the beauty, of the violence, the courage, the loyalty and the loss...

"The war was my life and I identified with it totally. To end it was to end me, and that I would not do..."
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