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You always have a soft spot for the first system your played, this is mine. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay PDF EBook

This system has everything you want, gritty realism, horror / dark fantasy, Monty Pythonesq comedy, fairly light weight rules, fantastic artwork (ignore the front cover it always struck me as the worst picture in the book) and the hint of amazing things to come if Games Workshop hadn't axed the system. Also, within the fantasy rpg genre the setting is fairly rare. A dark European style fantasy rather than the high fantasy that you seen in AD& download; D etc.

It does have its faults, foremost is the magic system. Any AD&D player will be left saying "what is that it??". If you play this version of the system then you really need to hunt around for the 1st edition Realms of Sorcery (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10...). My other main gripe are the Elves and the Halflings. There is a lack of balance in the initial stats generation for these two races which results in Elves consistently better than all other PCs and Halflings consistently poorer.

So, if you were to pick up a copy of the system today what difficulties could you face? Some people say the system is complex because you have so many stats... true but in my experience it works in the GMs favour. The rules are always stats checks only allowable if you have a certain skill or success chance modified by having a certain skill. If you can't remember the rule you need its easy to keep the gaming running by making up a quick stats check without resulting to paging through the rule book. Also, this is a good place to point out that the rulebook has most of the useful charts reprinted at the back for easy reference. Another difficulty you might have is that your players might not have all the dice they require. In these days where we only seem to need a bucket of D10s, a D20 and a few D6 you will find this system calling for all the other dice - PDF when was the last time you had to roll a D12, D8 or D4? Finally if you have players who play the modern GW products then they will bring a lot of baggage from the Warhammer Battle games. The setting in the Warhammer Battle products has been altered significantly deliberately hamming it up and in my view making it worse for a rpg setting.

That's a lot of negativity but after two decades of playing this system I still enjoy running Warhammer campaigns. Also, please note this is a review of the out of print 1st edition rules. There is also an out of print 2nd edition and an in print 3rd edition but that is a brand new system which is very expensive. If your going to rush out an get the 3rd edition rules please read some reviews of it first. Like this book? Read online this: Nursing Assessment in the Clinical Setting - Volume 2 - The Neurological System, Empire in Chaos (Warhammer) (Warhammer) (Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, #1).

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