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Wolfe, Linda. Wasted PDF EBookWasted: The Preppie Murder (1989)*****
The dark side of the NYC Preppie Scene, circa 1988

This guy looks like a Kennedy.Indeed, his mother has styled him as a Kennedy.An Irish Catholic nurse born in Ireland, she has devoted her life to climbing up the social ladder of New York society and pushing her very handsome son through the best prep schools, etc.Only one problem.Robert Chambers is a pretty boy loser, a druggie and a sociopathic sickie.He bombs out of prep school after prep school, mainly because he is caught stealing to support his cocaine habit.He just parties.That's about it.Mommie, nonetheless believes her son will turn it around and amount to something.He is irresistible to the girls.They see him as an alpha male.They think his unsavory character is sexy.Along comes Jennifer Levin, a not completely pretty, but sexy, lively girl, who just wants to have fun.She finds Robert and wants to have fun with him.Unfortunately, his idea of fun is to get wasted, and while wasted he chokes her to death, and then realizing what he has done, tries to make it look like a rape in Central Park.Then while being questioned he has a brilliancy.He claims she raped him!And in fighting back he accidentally strangled her to death.

Well.It's a sick scene.All the Studio 54 party preppies and wanna- PDFbes think this is just the coolest scene.They now feel so important and they support Robert, one of their own.Meanwhile Mom hustles up bail and more to buy a high priced lawyer to defend her boy.We get a semi-competent judge, a not really talented ADA, and a "star of the show" defense lawyer.I'll leave it to the reader see how this sad story about the decadence of the New York-preppie scene, circa 1988, turns out.

Of course one might say that the real villain here is, if you will, Mom.She doesn't care what evil things her boy has done.She doesn't care that it is obvious he is a degenerate sickie, all she cares about is he is her Hope.She lies to herself.She self-deceives and even though any idiot can see that her son needs to be put away she continues to let him party and do drugs and rob while she keeps working seventy hours a week to support his debased life style.Of course he doesn't work at all.If she had ever said "NO!" and put him on his own, the earlier the better, say at twelve, he might have amounted to something.But Mom had to indulge her mother...lust.

Linda Wolf does an outstanding job of vividly bringing this tale to life.She has a literary novelist's eye for detail and the narrative control of a bestselling thriller writer.

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