Welcome to the Goat Rodeo

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In the tradition of Hitchcock, each of Barlow’s stories takes you on a tour of the unexplored areas of human existence and makes you ask …

How long could you … hold your breath while you worm your way over, under, and through the house of a hoarder in search of a box that holds your future?

How high could you … climb if you decided to live in the trees to teach your husband a lesson and accidentally discovered what your neighbors were up to?

How far could you … go to help a little boy in a dirty T- PDFshirt who combs through an ashtray to collect cigarette butts for a neglectful guardian?

How easily could you … sell your soul to give your wife the baby she so desperately wants?

How eagerly could you … lose yourself in the sixteen stories that fill the pages of the book in your hand? Like this book? Read online this: Strong Family, Strong Child, Rodeo Family.

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