Wenn du geredet hättest, Desdemona

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I often find it extremly difficult to review a favourite book (I tend to find it a trifle hard to be critical when reviewing favourites, but I often find it even more of a challenge to write an enthusiastic review, as it sometimes feels as though my words of praise are but a pale reflection of those penned by favourite authors, those found in favourite books). Wenn du geredet hä download; ttest, Desdemona PDF EBook That being said, I absolutely adore this gem by Christine Brückner, not only because of its writing style, its flow, its themes/contents, but also, and perhaps first and foremost due to its delightful and challengingly intriguing intertextuality (and that Brückner has given voice and potential choices to some of the most famous and at times infamous female characters of the Western literary canon, and recent and not so recent history). Highly recommended, but with the caveat that basic fluency in German is a must and that some knowledge of the literary and historical women featured might also be desirable (although Wenn du geredet hättest, Desdemona does seem to have a relatively recent English translation, Desdemona, If Only You Had Spoken, I have not as yet had a chance to read this and thus cannot and will not make any comments regarding potential quality of translation). Like this book? Read online this: Best Selling Books of Elizabeth von Arnim (4 books)-Elizabeth and Her German Garden,The Enchanted April,Christopher and Columbus and Christine, Wenn ich alt bin, werde ich Model.

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