What Is This Thing Called Love

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What is this thing called poetry? As a recovering poet, I've devoted no small amount of thought to this subject. What Is This Thing Called Love PDF EBook The best answer I can give you is tinfoil in the microwave. That's poetry. Unfortunately, most poetry reads more like saran wrap in the refrigerator. Which is why it was such a pleasure to happen upon this collection. While it doesn't quite approach the level of a full- PDFblown kitchen disaster, certainly there are sparks. And it's always nice to find a soul as morbid as I am (see "31-Year-Old Lover; download; " also, there's an entire section devoted to the D-word—that's Death. As someone who used to write impassioned poems to Azrael, I appreciate this). Also, check out the poem that references Sharon Olds in the title. Soooo good (said in a Teen Girl Squad voice)!

While this book didn't quite shake my notion of poetry as anything other than a doomed, if pretty, exercise in futility, it did serve as a reminder of what I saw in the genre. It was rather like finding a sweater you used to wear all the time in a pile of castoff clothes. You might not go there again, but you look back fondly on what was. Like this book? Read online this: A Poet's Guide to Poetry, Called to Love.

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