When Biology Became Destiny

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it took quite some time to get through this book, owning more to its status as library book than anything about the book itself. When Biology Became Destiny PDF EBook that being said, it is a fairly specialized scholarly tome, asking without demanding some familiarity with both feminist and to a certain extent holocaust discourse. and that being said it remains surprisingly readable.

it is startling the extent to which the events and the social dynamics covered in this book, namely the machinations and agencies of coercion and control used by both nazi and conservative pre- PDFnazi elements of german social and governmental agency are being repeated in the various contemporary 'wars on women' across the globe, particularly in the united states.

it is almost as if the conservative christian right, as typified by rick santorum and the like, have taken the nazi game book and are running it play by play.

i quote:

‎ download; "On may 26, 1933, two pieces of penal legislation preceding the 1926 reforms were reintroduced, prohibiting the availability of abortion facilities and services. more important was the stricter handling of the old abortion law, resulting in a 65% increase in yearly convictions between 1932 and 1938, when their number reached almost 7000. From 1935 on, doctors and midwives were obliged to notify the regional State Health Office of every miscarriage. women's namesand addresses were then handed over to the police, who investigated the cases suspected of actually having been abortions. in 1936 Heinrich Himmler, head of all police forces and the SS, established the Reich's Central Agency for the Struggle Against Homosexuality and Abortion, and in 1943, after three years of preparation by the Ministries of the Interior and of Justice, the law entitled Protection of Marriage, Family and Motherhood called for the death penalty in "extreme cases.""

I recommend that anyone interested in protecting the rights of women in the contemporary scene read this book, the editors and contributors have done a valuable service in bringing to light hidden aspects of just how a particular mechanism of power used the biology of women, and particularly their unique reproductive capacity against them through an exploitative coercive system of control. Like this book? Read online this: Sanity, Security, Sanctuary - A Physical and Psycho-spiritual Look at Abortion in Relation to the Wombs of Women and the Story of the Incarnation, Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, Growth Factors and Oncogenes in Gastrointestinal Cancers to Informatics (Computational Biology), Vol. 6.

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