When Organizing Isn't Enough

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Are you eager to make a change but unsure what's next?Organizing works when you know "where" you're going but don't know "how" to get there. When Organizing Isn't Enough PDF EBook But sometimes organizing isn't enough. When you're eager to make a change in your life, but you are unsure of your new destination, you need to SHED.

Expert organizer and "New York Times" bestselling author Julie Morgenstern has developed the four- PDFstep SHED plan to help you get unstuck from the defunct, obsolete objects and obligations preventing you from living a richer, more meaningful life. SHED picks up where other organizing processes leave off — helping you purge the physical and behavioral clutter holding you back so you can finally create real change in your life.

But it's not just about throwing things away! The SHED process is more about what comes "before" and "after" you heave the clutter, so that the changes you make really stick in the long term. Learn how to:

Separate the treasures — "What is truly worth hanging on to?"

Heave the trash — "What's weighing you down? "

Embrace your identity — "Who are you without all your stuff?"

Drive yourself forward — "Which direction connects to your genuine self?"

Whether you're facing a move, a promotion, an empty nest, a marriage, divorce or retirement, "When Organizing Isn't Enough" provides a practical, transformative plan for positively managing change in every aspect of your life. Like this book? Read online this: Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life, DIY Cleaning And Organizing.

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