When Somebody Loves You Back

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I'm glad that this has come to an end. When Somebody Loves You Back PDF EBook Don't get me wrong, Mary Morrison is one of my favorites and I have enjoyed the Soulmates series...up until this point. This was too good of a series to be rushed to a bad ending. I found When Somebody Loves You Back to be soap- PDFoperish. I felt like I was channel surfing instead of reading a book. Dynasty, Knots Landing, Young and the Restless, Desperate Housewives, and ER. Some of the things these characters did were outlandish. Jada needed to sit down. Wellington needed to lie down. Candice needed to be knocked down. Melanie needed to be run down. Ashlee needed to be locked down. And Darius just needed to grow the h*ll up!

It was a quick read, but not page-turning quick. I simply wanted to know what was gonna happen. Again, I'm glad to see this end. May they all rest in peace.

Looking forward to new beginnings with "Sweeter than Honey" and "Dicktation." Like this book? Read online this: Where a Hand is Always Needed, Back to December (Back to Life #3).

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