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"The Prince of Pigeons" by Rebecca Scarberry and Francis Potts is a sweet and heart warming romance that follows "Messages from Henry". Where Love Takes You PDF EBook Henry is a homing pigeon who was a big hero in said previous book.
In this book Henry brings together his two elderly carers and two men from England but the story is much more involved than that. Henry also takes part in a race and gets lost, a development company is after the ladies farm in Oregon and the romance is filled with people of various generations.
The feel of this book is warm and pleasant, romance is not confined to the young only and once again Henry is the bringer of happiness and helps to bridge the gap between people who should be together.
It is particularly refreshing to read a book about something as simple as homing pigeon in a world that moves away from nature and towards new technologies and modern advances. Not that I am condemning progress, but there is something comforting and reassuring about "The Prince of Pigeons" that for me brings a little nostalgia and hope.
It can't be a coincidence that the pigeon on the cover is white, the symbol for peace, love and hope. Like this book? Read online this: Henry Mancini - Pink Guitar Book & CD, Second Takes.

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