Who Can Swim?

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I think I loved Who Can Swim? even more than Who Can Jump? I definitely enjoyed both lift- PDFthe-flap books. Who Can Swim? PDF EBook In Who Can Swim? I love how the flap reveals the answer. The flap is the ocean on almost every page. Most of the time readers get a good hint or clue about what the flap will reveal. The whale, perhaps, being the MOST obvious. Again, the book is simple. The question is the same on each spread. Readers learn that fish, penguins, seals, polar bears, and whales all swim. The last page, you might have guessed, shows that kids (like you) can swim too.

Again, I like the illustrations. I think they make this one work. Who Can Swim? was originally published in the UK in 2012. It is newly published this spring in the US. Like this book? Read online this: Space Lift-the-Flap, Swim! Swim!.

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