Who Killed My Daughter?

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The best- PDFselling young adult novelist recounts her daughter's mysterious shooting death and her own investigation into the crime, including her use of psychics to contact her dead child and expose the truth. Who Killed My Daughter? PDF EBook

School Library Journal "Best Book of the Year"—1992
The Literary Guild, alternate selection—1992
Time-Life Digest selection—1992
ALA Best Book for Young Adults—1993
Library of Congress Selection as a Talking Book for the Blind—1993
N.Y. Public Library— "Books for the Teenage" selection—1993
Scholastic Book Club selection — March, 1994,Feb., 1999
Pacific Northwest Young Readers Award—1994-95
Nominated for Nevada Young Readers Award—1993-94
Nominated for Tennessee Volunteer State Young Readers Award—94-95
Nominated for Iowa Teen Award—1994-95
Foreign editions: Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Like this book? Read online this: The Organ Yearbook 1992/1993, Confessions of a First Daughter (First Daughter, #1).

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