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I recently became interested by June Jordan by coming upon one of her poems that just hit home with me. Who Look at Me? PDF EBookWhen researching her books I was shocked to find that she wrote a children's book, which is "Who Look at Me."After reading this book, I still find it hard to believe she wrote this with children in mind.I think it's a wonderful children's book; download; it's just so amazing that it's hard to imagine someone actually respects children as such high functionalizing beings that they'd conceptualize this as a children's book and not an adult one.

The book is aproximately 80 pages and is a conversation between 27 paintings of African Americans and June Jordan's reactions to the paintings.Her reactions are written in her poetry.June Jordan is very interested in race rights, so this is included in the book which is a loose, abstract history of black rights.The message of the book is you must see yourself in someone else to love them; and when one ignores someone else due to their race, one loses the ability to see one's self in them and love them, depriving them of such a fundemental part of human life.While she says this can be of course applied to anyone who is secondary in society (You can apply this to anyone who isn't "looked" at in society— women, gays, handicapped, etc,) she most understands it in race and applies it as so.

The message is beautiful; the images chosen capitvating.I did not enjoy them all, but some of them really hit home.There was a nice variety of traditional and modern pieces and while I did not like each piece you could tell them each had talent and skill.

And now we come to the actual poetry, the expressive part of the message.

June Jordan makes me embarressed to say I am someone who uses the english language.Her poetry is not beautiful in that it does not feel beautiful: it is rough and loud. It makes me want to scream.It repeats itself.If it was an animal or a person it would pace, it would pound on the walls of a locked room and throw a chair through a window.She has a beautiful rythem in her poetry, and a beautiful sense of rhyme both at the ends of each line and on the inside of each line (I aoplogize, I forget what the exact term for that is called.)Her poetry makes me sob and brings out my humanity.

June Jordan makes me speechless.

Also, I read this book once, and didn't feel I understood it fully; this book feels like you can reread it reread it and must to understand the author's message and to continue to do so and grow in your understanding of your personal relationship with the question:

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