Winter Dreams, Christmas Love

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I read this when I was about 15, and for some weird reason it just stuck with me! Although I am a lot older and wiser, this book is still very charming and very much a product of it's time! lol everyone just 'falls in love' as soon as they clap eyes on one another. Winter Dreams, Christmas Love PDF EBook And it's very idealised as our herione Ellen does not more than 'date' and 'kiss' the boys that she sees. It would appear that she's saving herself for Michael! And on a 3rd reading it would appear that Michael is actually just a bit of a d- PDFbag who's probably going to end up being a banker. *rolls eyes* Ellen is also stunningly perfect, she can cook, draw, act, run, is the dutiful daughter and guys love her. But it was written in the 90s (the bits on what they're wearing really tesify to that!). I will admit to kinda wanting to know about their adult lives...haha it was nice to wander down memory lane. But honestly if this is what young girls grow up reading, it's no wonder the boys we meet are such a disappointment. :p Like this book? Read online this: Reading Jude With New Eyes, Brenda's Christmas Desire (Dreams Come True #2).

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