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Not as good as other Kooser books I've read, but still kind of cool, especially in light of their origin. Winter Morning Walks PDF EBook Kooser wrote these poems as he was recovering from surgery for cancer in 1998.

Then he taped them to postcards (pre- PDFemail, I suppose) and sent them daily to his buddy Jim Harrison (also a writer). Wouldn't I like to find these in the mailbox every day for three months running! Dream and on.

Most all are short. Most all deal with nature. As he could not go out in the sun due to meds, Kooser walked in the pre-dawn darkness two miles every day.

We are brothers in boots on that count. I walk the dog in pre-dawn darkness daily, too. Not two miles, though. I've got work to get to. And eggs to fry. (Hey, better than axes to grind.)

As you might expect, some of the poems have themes of mortality, a theme that interests me keenly because I am mortal:

november 14

My wife and I walk the cold road
in silence, asking for thirty more years.

There's a pink and blue sunrise
with an accent of red:
a hunter's cap burns like a coal
in the yellow-gray eye of the woods.

Here's another variation, also from the november batch, which I found stronger:

november 28

There was a time
when my long gray cashmere topcoat
was cigarette smoke,
and my snappy felt homborg
was alcohol,
and the paisley silk scarf at my neck,
with its fringed end
tossed carelessly over my shoulder,
was laughter rich with irony.
Look at me now.

In addition, between every date and poem, Kooser provides a brief weather observation (e.g. sunny and pleasant, clear and still, ten degrees at sunrise, light snow flying). Thus, you get more of that old-time postcard feel.

So, yeah. A nice run of short stuff. Almost like poem-a-day drills, only by a master — one who sent them before he could revise them. I think. Like this book? Read online this: Our Daily Walk, Winter's Awakening (Winter's Saga, #1).

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