Witchblade Compendium Volume 1

PDF EBook by Marc Silvestri

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Collects issues 1- PDF50 of the Witchblade comic series. Witchblade Compendium Volume 1 PDF EBook Finally! This one took me a while to finish, but at over 1200 pages I wasn't surprised. Also, I sort of lost interest for a while and put it down before finally getting back into it.

Overall it's a mixed bag. For one thing, I need to comment on the book itself. The big book format isn't very durable and it actually fell apart as I was reading it. Just too heavy for the binding I think.

As for the content, the early issues are what made the late, great Michael Turner famous. Nobody draws Witchblade like Turner, although I will say it's loaded with sexy art throughout. Unfortunately, at times it's overdone with the cheesecake shots. If that's what you like in your comics, then pick this up for sure.

The writing to me just never gets going. It's jumpy and choppy and just doesn't flow well. It just seems too cliche, almost like a golden age comic.

So overall, it's a mixed bag. Good, sexy art most of the time, but the story is never better than average. Like this book? Read online this: Witchblade Deluxe Collected Edition (Witchblade vol 1), Witchblade Origins, Volume 2.

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