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He wastes no time getting started and starts at the most promising point, Jesus teaching his disciples when they asked him to teach them to pray.They had obviously seen that he had power with God that no other man had.I don't know if they had already or would soon see him quiet the sea of Galilea, raise the son of the widow of Nain,and his friend Lazarus from the dead and heal the man who had been born blind but they knew his habit was to pray and they wanted to know how.

I have heard enough of my fellow christians' stumbling efforts to know that I am not alone in needing this instruction.

11/08/12 - PDF This is not a long book but it took a long time to read because as I read it I had to take some actions to mend some spiritual fences and still I'm sure I missed a few. Each chapter teaches an important aspect and I'll not try to describe them all but briefly Jesus is the only one who can truly instruct you as to how to pray; download; true prayer is spiritual and only true worshipers in the spirit, can pray effectively (touching God); personal prayer is for God's ears only but there is a place for communal prayer for mutual support; while there is no set 'form' of prayer we do well to remember the sample prayer that Jesus gave us, in which we are reminded that God is Our Father, that we are to honor his majesty, holiness andpower and to pray in an attitude of eagerness for his RULE in our lives;our personal needs have their rightful place as we petition for their provision along with our need for forgiveness in the same measure as we forgive others.Closing with acknowledgement that the kingdom belongs to God, that he has the power to give you what you are asking and is due the Glory for his generous gifts through his son.Since God is our Father he really WANTS to answer the prayers of his children who are led by the spirit of Christ-whose words constantly guide their actions; Our Father wants us to ASK for what we need so we can KNOW when he answers our prayers. Some answers take time and sometimes we need to persist in our request. God knows why, maybe to be sure we REALLY want it, or to be sure that our motives are in line with the will of God.Christ is our intercessor and we have a role to play in His intercession as we are IN HIM. Prayers prayed truly "in the spirit of Christ" can not fail to be heard and answered since Christ's prayers (even those through OUR lips) are always heard and acted on by the Father.Test this, but I seem to be hearing that both the 'object-specific request' and our 'motive-our pleasure or God's glory' must be in alignment with God's will.

Prayers prayed for the accomplishment of God's purpose through you are sure to be answered.

I've just hit the high spots.I recommend you read the book. Like this book? Read online this: The Power of a Praying® Woman Book of Prayers, A Prayer Heeded (A Prayer Series #2).

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