Without Mercy

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Dr. Without Mercy PDF EBook John Kappler was a well- PDFrespected physician in dozens of California hospitals, yet none of his patients ever imagined that his real profession was murder…

The horror began the day he secretly attempted to kill three patients—including a pregnant woman who suffered permanent brain damage at his evil hands. Then, in a driving rampage, Kappler rammed another car, stole it, and used it as a lethal weapon. Yet, incredibly, his fellow doctors bailed him out of jail, and he was soon back on the job.

Desperate to satisfy his lust for killing, Kappler cruelly plunged a patient into cardiac arrest. Next, he pulled the plug on a defenseless man unconscious in a hospital bed. Still, no one stopped him. Finally, he exploded in a terrifying rage of violence and murder. Pressing the accelerator of his car to the floor, he cut down a promising young doctor and seconds later maimed a toddler's mom for life. Like this book? Read online this: Anesthesia and Intensive Care for the Patients with Liver Disease, Heart of Mercy (The Mercy Series #2).

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