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“When at Niagara Falls I was escorting a young lady . Witnessing America PDF EBook . . She had been standing on a piece of rock, the better to view the scene, when she slipped down, and was evidently hurt by the fall . . . As she limped a little in walking home, I said, “Did you hurt your leg much?” She turned from me, evidently much shocked, or offended; download; and not being aware that I had committed any very heinous offence, I begged to know what was the reason of her displeasure.After some hesitation she said that, as she knew me well, she would tell me that the word leg was never mentioned before ladies.” – Captain Frederick Marryat, officer of the Royal Navy 1830s.

For several months I have leisurely enjoyed this wonderful historic compilation. It’s as educational as it is entertaining. Like a buffet of delectable appetizers, I've savored each morsel encompassing everything from arriving to dying in America and everything in between: working, playing, worshiping, erring, pairing, dressing, building, praying, schooling…..

“Robert Cole, having been oft punished for drunkenness, was now ordered to wear a red D about his neck for a year. “ – John Winthrop’s journal, March 4, 1634

“There is a bounty of three pence per dozen on blackbirds, and three pence apiece on crows.The heads should be shown to a town official.” – Pennsylvania Laws 1748- PDF1751

“It is, too, of importance to know, what sort of labourers these Americans are; for though a labourer is a labourer, still there is some difference in them; and, these Americans are the best that I ever saw.They mow four acres of oats, wheat, rye, or barley in a day, and, with a cradle, lay it so smooth in the swarths, that it is tied up in sheaves with the greatest neatness and ease.” – William Cobbet

“A woman who had suffered a long time from chills and had used several remedies for it had at the advice of an old woman placed some spider’s web inside a baked apple which she ate.She repeated this process twice with no effect, but the third time she tried it she became so inconceivably ill that everyone thought she would die.She fell into such a coma that she looked dead.” – From the notebooks of Swedish naturalist Peter Kalm, 1740s.

“An election in Kentucky lasts three days, and during that period whisky and apple toddy flow through our cities and villages like the Euphrates through ancient Babylon.” – George Prentice, newspaper reporter 1830

From serious to humorous, mundane and bizarre, each entry from The Library of Congress was derived from various formats: newspapers, journals, legal documents, court proceedings, letters, photographs, illustrations, books, advertisements etc. In which many of these selections came from ordinary men and women of little to no fame.And there are also entries from more notable historical figures – Captain Miles Standish, Benjamin Franklin, Carry Nation, Buffalo Bill, David Thoreau, Mark Twain, and Alice Sewell to name a few.All of which, makes for wonderful five-star historical reading – partaken leisurely, as it is a sizable tome.
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