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I think when people say books are timeless they are usually lying. Women Who Kill PDF EBookThis isn't to say that books should never be re- PDFreleased (and obviously by the four star review i think this book deserves to be released again in the feminist classics imprint) but that often books age poorly (because situations change).What is impressive about Women Who Kill is how much of the content is still relevant.Partially because Ann Jones very artfully constructs a history (any reviewer who is expecting a lurid true crime sort of mass market based on the title will be dissapointed) that explains the agency of women who chose to kill (for reasons that can be called better or worse in some cases) and because her work is grounded (largely) in history it lacks the sort of dated feel that many books get (when their hot topics suddenly run cold due to a new set of circumstances).What particularly helps is how Jones frequently turns phrases so artfully for example "The Great War slaughtered men, Progressive ideals, and optimism.It also enlisted in the labor force women who afterward had to persuaded to return to housewifery, an occupation stripped by industrial technology of all but the most menial drudgery"(277) or "If the rewards of being a good wife and mother- the illusory vaginal orgasm, gold stars, flowers once a year on Mother's Day- seemed paltry, the penalties for being a bad woman were not." (282).I chose these quotes because they struck me as artfully summing up the Feminine Mystique yet somehow being able to be a description of a time rather than a condition which makes the whole work age better.There are quibbles i have with the project (her account of "seduced" women migrating into prostitution manages to drag out the trope of the disease ridden prostitute dying in an overcrowded hospital, a canard that is historically disprovable but was definitely rhetorically real for a period of time) but I think this is an impressive book (and for its relative age one that aged very gracefully).Obviously it has shortcomings (it is a book about ciswomen and i think talking about the ways violence impacts transwomen in similar ways could be grafted on to the account without unnecessarily broadening the scope) but for the deconstruction of "battered mens syndrome" as a distraction from the reality of domestic abuse (as a thing that had a historically horrifying impact by drawing attention away from a serious problem much like the MRA movement) alone is an important section.I guess it's late to say this but obviously this book is extremely triggering but is (provided that isn't an issue) really worth the read. Like this book? Read online this: The Little Book of Gratitude Quotes (Little Quote Books 1), Little Women & Good Wives (Little Women #1 & #1.5).

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