World of Darkness

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Deep in the Shadows

The night is not alone. World of Darkness PDF EBook Even those few who see into the shadows of the World of Darkness are surprised and horrified at what lurks there. Not every corpse that walks is a vampire. Not every mortal who chants in reverence to a greater power is a mage. Some of these beings are creatures born of fear and hunger and some defy definition altogether.

Monsters Know Fear

World of Darkness: Antagonists provides systems and information on beings for use as foes and foils for your Storytelling characters. Zombies, monster- PDFhunters, cultists and stranger things await. Some want only to exist, to feed in their own ways and be left alone. Others exist only to stalk and kill the unsuspecting. Do you stand against them, or do you have something more devious in mind? Hardcover. Like this book? Read online this: Shadows In The Darkness, Daughters of Darkness (Night World, #2).

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