Written on the Skin

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A crime scene investigator notes the tiny indentations on the fragments of a tin can identified at a bomb site. Written on the Skin PDF EBook After months of testing he is able to match them to the can opener that made them – and lead police to the bomb- PDFmaker who used it.

A forensic dentist documents the marks in chewing gum dropped by a thief during a burglary and matches them to the teeth of the suspect. A forensic physician examines an abused child, "reading" the terrible alphabet that fists and weapons write on the skin and identifying a mother's hairbrush as the source of the "tramline bruising" on her daughter's leg.

Liz Porter's riveting casebook shows how forensic investigators – including pathologists, chemists, entomologists, DNA specialists and document examiners – have used their specialist knowledge to identify victims, catch perpetrators, exonerate innocent suspects and solve dozens of crimes and mysteries. Like this book? Read online this: Forensic Accounting, Skin Tight (Skin, #2).

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