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This review is meant to reflect my feelings on Mike Carey's writing on the X- PDFMen books overall. X-Men Legacy PDF EBook I didn't become aware of him at all, really, until the lead-ins to the Messiah Complex crossover. During that, and especially since, he's shown that above all other X-Men writers, he alone seems to be up to the task of remembering their history, whether for good or bad, and embracing it and incorporating it into his books, what used to be known as "continuity", which sees to be a four-letter word at times in modern comics. If he's using a character, no matter how obscure, he seems to make it a point to know their history, to know how they would react to a situation, or, more specifically, another character. Balancing this in books notorious for having many characters is a challenge, but he's pulled it off.
He's also a prime example of the axiom that there are no bad characters, just character with bad writers. He's taken characters that to many writers are boring, troublesome, or allegedly one-note, and turned them into something serious and interesting. Xavier, Danger, Exodus, Rogue, and (most personally for me) Gambit have all benefited from Carey's attention to them, and they all come out of X-Men Legacy as much richer characters.
I mentioned before how he has an eye for the histories of this franchise, and in Legacy, he's never had a better chance to show this off. Since the series is supposed to represent the rebuilding of Xavier's shattered mind, we're often taken into his newly restored memories. There are several pages that either feature quick panels or just word balloons lifted straight out of older comics. I immediately jumped on phrases like, "Why does everyone say my name like it means 'Shut up'?" (Jubilee) and "There's very little written about you" (Bishop to Gambit) from the early-90's X-Men books, without footnotes, yet there were many more equally obscure ones that I didn't catch that I'm sure others did. Carey isn't concerned with having everything new-reader accessible, but it also doesn't detract from the story.

For my money, he has a fan in me for being one of the best writers to handle Gambit ever, and he apparently isn't finished with him yet. I think he wants to "fix" Gambit much liked he fixed Rogue and Xavier, and I welcome it.
I would also recommend checking out his Felix Castor novels, starting with "The Devil You Know". Like this book? Read online this: People of Few Words - Volume 3 - Fifty More Writers from the Writers' Showcase of the Short Humour Site, The Riddle of Prague (The QuickSilver Legacy Series) (The QuickSilver Legacy Series) (Volume 1).

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