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This is a great resource for the homebrewer and the probrewer. Yeast PDF EBook Build a yeast lab! Do it now! The authors explain the science and reasoning for why brewers do what they do with the yeast. It covers a great deal, and as mentioned before chapter 6 is just about setting up your own microbiology lab. The following chapter is a great troubleshooting guide (I have a contamination!?!). The book inspired me to harvest my yeast from an active fermentation and repitch it. That strain is currently on it's 3rd generation. Besides reiterating that sanitation is key, they provide steps and how to on harvesting, storage, and everything you could want to do with the yeast. The book begins with the history of yeast and microbiology on how yeast operate and what makes them tick. This should be required reading for every brewer, it removes the mystique of fermentation and brings to light what is actually going on. Like this book? Read online this: What Makes the Great Great, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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