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It sounds like such a cliché download; but I really could not put down this book, and I read it in one day; I don’t know how many hours it took but even though I read slowly, it wasn’t many. Yellow Star PDF EBook This book is riveting.I’ve read many fiction and non- PDFfiction books about the Holocaust and this is now one of my favorites.

It’s a “based on truth” story, one of those fiction/non-fiction books.

The author interviewed her aunt, who was one of twelve children to survive the Lodz ghetto during the Nazi occupation in World War II.

Brilliantly, it’s told by this aunt in a child’s voice; she was 4 ½-10 during her time in the Polish ghetto. The child’s voice sounds completely authentic and compelling.

I like to believe that the gist of this story is true, and it’s about some very smart and savvy and brave people who were extraordinarily lucky despite their incredible misfortune to be caught in this time and place. It’s a very inspirational story and the people are extremely likeable, especially the main character Syvia/Sylvia and her mother, sister, and especially her amazing father.

It’s written as juvenile fiction but there is much straight non-fiction interspersed throughout, including the author’s notes and some war statistics at the end of the book. This book can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults as well as by young people.
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