You, Your Family and the Internet

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A short but fascinating read, this book presents the history of the internet and a great deal of statistical data that will make you think twice. You, Your Family and the Internet PDF EBook Almost every chapter ends with two discussion questions prompting the reader to dig into the bible to discover more about the chapter topic.

My favorite chapter was "If It's Free, Then You Are The Product ..." which delves into the marketing value of offering free items. Since I post several free books on The Vessel Project, this chapter was of particular interest. I don't collect the data for use with any other program but the discussion in this chapter helped me understand that nothing is truly free in the world of the internet.

The book is well referenced and indexed with several very beneficial links to more resources making it very helpful. I enjoyed the personal stories of the impact of the internet and social media on all aspects of our lives. The author did an excellent job of first describing these dangers and then citing biblical references and what our responsibilities are as Christians.

Reviewed by: Keiki Hendrix
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