Zen Bow, Zen Arrow

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Here are the inspirational life and teachings of Awa Kenzo (1880–1939), the Zen and kyudo (archery) master who gained worldwide renown after the publication of Eugen Herrigel's cult classic Zen in the Art of Archery in 1953. Zen Bow, Zen Arrow PDF EBook Kenzo lived and taught at a pivotal time in Japan's history, when martial arts were practiced primarily for self- PDFcultivation, and his wise and penetrating instructions for practice (and life)—including aphorisms, poetry, instructional lists, and calligraphy—are infused with the spirit of Zen. Kenzo uses the metaphor of the bow and arrow to challenge the practitioner to look deeply into his or her own true nature. Like this book? Read online this: Target Archery for Beginners, Evolution's Arrow.

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