Zen Without Zen Masters

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This is one of the more obscure books of the Discordian canon. Zen Without Zen Masters PDF EBook Camden Benares was part of the original cabal, known as PoEE, that invented the Discordian religion in the late 1950s- PDFearly 1960s, a joke religion dedicated to Eris, Greek Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Benares was the only person in on the joke who was "serious" enough to legally change his name to the "holy name" he chose for himself as a Discordian. I have stated elsewhere that "when you make the mistake of not taking Discordianism seriously, it turns into the Church of the Subgenius, but if you make the mistake of taking it too seriously, it turns into Chaos Magic." Both of these are Great Sins (tm) in my own cult, the Sect of Active Initiates for Discord (SAID).

Benares walks a fine line on the serious side of the street, but does not fall into the trap, perhaps because he understands the need to laugh. Perhaps also because, there being no Chaos Magic per se at the time he wrote, he turned instead to Zen Buddhism for his "serious" spin on Discordianism. What he offers, then, is a series of koans or "Zen jokes" that are designed to open the mind to new approaches while encouraging healthy laughter and play. Toward the end are some meditations and exercises that do start to move toward the proto-Chaos Magic side of things, but might also be useful starting points for someone interested in self-transformation. The result is a minor book of some interest, which could be just the right thing for the right person at the right time. Like this book? Read online this: Church of Chaos (After the Apocalypse #2), Old Masters.

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